Jen Widerstrom’s Medicine Ball Workout Will Get You Toned from Head to Toe

Bored with dumbbells and bodyweight exercises? Add a medicine ball to the mix. This addition isn’t just a fun way to shake up your workouts; it’s also a powerful tool for improving core stability, coordination, and total-body strength.


Torch Fat and Build Muscle With Jen Widerstrom’s 7-Minute Dumbbell Circuit

Widerstrom’s dumbbell circuit workout torches fat and works muscles all over your body in just seven minutes.

Jen Widerstrom’s Superset Workout Fast-Tracks Your Toning Goals

In this video, Jen Widerstrom, celebrity trainer and author of Diet Right for Your Personality Type, guides you through a series of supersets, or pairs of exercises that are performed back-to-back without rest and act as a team to tone and strengthen your body fast and efficiently.